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About us

Puncak Sawit Oleo Sdn.Bhd. is an Internationally Oriented Company domiciled in Johor, Malaysia. Our primary business is Exporting and Supplying Processed Edible Oils & Fats, Specialty Oils & Fats, Palm Oleochemicals, and Other Vegetable Oil Derivatives.

      With more than 40 years of expertized experience in :- 

  • Process and Quality Control of Vegetable Oil Refining, Specialty Fats, and Oleochemical Industries.

  • International Trading & Marketing.

  • International Trade & Shipping Documentation.

  • Total Supply Chain and International Logistics.


By leveraging our experience and expertise, we are dedicated and committed to ensuring value-Added & cost effectiveness in every product and solutions that we offer. We work in close, discuss, and listen to our customers to ensure our product meets above their expectations.

With decades of experience and know-how technical knowledge in Vegetable Oil Processing Industries and work with selective professional manufactures to make sure our finished product is right product and create lasting business value to our customers as well as cutting-edge solutions to end users or applications.   

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  • Strives to ensure to offer Consistent Quality and High-Value Added Services, to carry Customer’s Trust and Success of Their Business.

  • Passion for excellence and commitment towards continuous improvement to Forward us to the next stage of Growth.

  • Our core values of Passion, Reliability, Responsibility, Commitment, Collaboration, and with Great contributions of our Customers and Suppliers as Partner for the success of our business.

  • Being the first rank preferred, and responsible business partner for both suppliers and buyers by Integrating Great Leaders who Respect and Belief in all aspects of High-Quality, Innovative Solutions, Synergetic, Value Social Responsibility and Creating a Sustainable Future.

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